Engineering DevOps For Networks (NetDevOps) - 6/30/2020

This white paper is a paradigm shift showing how the networking industry can achieve much needed agility and deliver network services much faster than what is the norm today.


Overcoming the Challenges of Digital Disruption - 4/15/2020

Technical viewpoints to consider for overcoming the challenges of digital disruption.


LaaS and DevOps Challenges of Solution Adoption - 1/14/2020

Examining the short and long-term challenges adopting organizations may experience in a LaaS solution integration.


Look Before You Leap - 10/29/2019
NEWSFLASH: Solution Benefits Don’t Happen Overnight. Insights on an aspect of solution adoption all leaders must take into account well before a solution adoption: realistic time expectations of empowered productivity and ROI.


Phases of Productive Team Culture Evolution - 10/8/2019

Insights on an element of LaaS and DevOps solution adoption too often overlooked: facilitating productive change in a team culture.


You know Real Transformation When... - 3/16/2019
Telltale signs showing up when you are truly transforming.

Waterfall: A Big Misunderstanding - 6/11/2018

What happenned because people didn't read the fine print.


Transforming the Agile Transformation - 4/7/2018

The super hero of your agile transformation.


Agile Values - Down to earth and practical - 12/23/2017

Simple, down to earth, and practical ways of approaching Agile