Management 3.0 was created to help

companies align their management

practices, to mirror the changes being

implemented by their teams when

implementing Agile development

practices. It defines the role of

management in an Agile environment

and provides practical tools and games to improve employee motivation, develop high performance teams, promote creative environments, delight customers and exponentially grow the Agility of the organization.

Who should attend a Management 3.0 workshop?

Anyone who wants to be a better leader! If you’re a team leader, development manager, delivery manager, middle manager, CEO, HR manager, project manager, product owner, agile developer, scrum master, agile coach, or if you want to become a great leader regardless of title, this workshop is for you!

Management 3.0 Two-Day Foundations Workshop Topics

  • The role of managers in an Agile environment
  • How to manage organizations using systems thinking
  • How to intrinsically motivate creative workers
  • How to increase engagement by enabling self-organizing teams
  • How to develop competence and grow high performing teams
  • How to scale Agile organizations
  • How to influence cultural change

Each module includes real life stories, practical

examples and hands-on exercises enabling the

participants to gain a better understanding of

the concepts through rich practical experiences.

Join the Management 3.0 global movement!

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Please contact me if you are interested in attending a Management 3.0 workshop.