March 16, 2019


You know a real transformation is taking place when people want to go back to how things were. It’s a painful process. You know you’re on the right track when opposition arises. This is where leaders can get cold feet and compromise or simply abandon the whole thing.


As a result, nobody’s happy (leaders included). The people who want change didn’t get it, and the people who don’t want it had too much of it. If you have a better vision for a better future, why stop? Keep going! Don’t let fear be your downfall. Be the fearless leader everyone says you are  :)


To keep things going in the right direction focus on the "why" instead of the "what" and the "how". If you only focus on what and how, you will always experience division. Every time you address the "what", there's always going to be someone who will propose a different "what". Same goes with the how. Everyone has an opinion on how things can be done differently.  Focusing on why, reminds us of why we’re doing in this to begin with and that we're all in this together. What and how divides, but why unites. Leaders who continuously explain the why behind the what are much more effective at leading change and uniting people behind the change. The why is the engine behind your transformation.


As leaders, articulating the why clearly and continuously along with perseverance and persistence are key factors leading to a successful transformation.

You Know Real Transformation When...